Centurylink Order Delivery Status Online Tracking

Check your Centurylink order tracking status online. Enter the Centurylink tracking number below to track and trace your order. Keep up to date on the current status of your package, any unexpected delays, and delivery information from your courier.

If the above service is not working or your tracking number is not found or no results are displayed, please use the alternative services below.

Alternative Method

Please check this link if the tracking results aren’t showing. You will be redirected to the Centurylink website, where you can view order and delivery status details.

You can also contact the customer care relations department to inquire about the status of your Centurylink order.

Centurylink Tracking Number

The Centurylink order tracking number can be found in the order confirmation email or by logging in to the Centurylink website and going to “My Account”.

Centurylink Customer Service Contact Info

Centurylink contact phone number : 1-866-963-6665

Centurylink website : www.centurylink.com

Centurylink website

Screenshot of www.centurylink.com


Centurylink Shipping and Delivery FAQ

Simply enter the Centurylink order tracking number at the top of the page or check the order status here.
The phone number is 1-866-963-6665 .
Visit the official Centurylink website here or call customer service at 1-866-963-6665 .


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